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The other afternoon there were seven deer inside the hedge at the Gable House Bed and Breakfast. I had a flashback of last spring when I came home and all of my Tulips that were just about to bloom were eaten by the neighborhood deer pack. Luckily, I had just sprayed the Tulips, and I managed to herd the deer out of the yard. Many of my clients, friends and Durango residents understand and have experienced the same disappointment that I am talking about. Most people have just given up on Tulips all together because of our local deer issue.

Yet, there is still hope! I have been spraying a very stinky and effective deer spray on everything in the Gable House landscape. There are several deer spray brands on the market, and I have used two brands: “Bobex” and “Deer Fencing.” Both brands are quite effective, but are expensive. Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to spraying your landscape to prevent the deer from munching on your plants. So, instead of buying the spray, make youre own.

My friend and a woman who I garden with, Marybeth Jarrosak, makes her own version aptly named “Bad-Ass Deer Spray.” Visit Marybeth’s website for the recipe! Do it, it’s worth the effort.  http://hammerandhoe.wordpress.com/