This is my Hoya vine in bloom (H. carnosa). I took cuttings from my boyfriend’s 92 year old grandma’s plant; thanks Gram!  Once I got the cuttings home, I dipped the ends in rooting hormone and then planted the cuttings. There are over 200 species of Hoya plants, and one of the most common is the one that I have, which is also know as the wax plant.  This is a really easy plant to care for, and with minimal watering and some neglect, we are rewarded with beautiful and fragrant flowers like this.

I absolutely love how we can become more connected with our families by sharing cuttings from our plants.

A few fun facts:

~Hoya are tropical vining plants native to Asia, Polynesia and Australia.

~Most Hoyas are epiphytes. An epiphyte is a plant that grows on another plant or tree for support, but is not parasitic. The epiphyte derives nutrients and water through air and rain. Other examples of epiphytes are Orchids and Ferns. So, make sure to let your Hoya plant dry out between watering.

~Hoyas belong to Asclepiadaceae which is the Milkweed family.