This is the biggest bowl that I have ever casted. I normally grind down the edges, but I decided to practice some wabi sabi – Beauty in imperfection.


I can’t go into Home Depot without saving a few Echeverias. The poor plants are indoors with insufficient light literally calling me to take them home. When I brought the succulents home they were bone dry. I took them out of the pots and put the plants in a plastic bin to take up water more efficiently and without getting water on the foliage.


The varieties include:

Echeveria ‘Blue Rose’

Echeveria ‘Tsunami’

Echeveria ‘Princess Blue’

Echeveria ‘Carribean’


These plants are not cold hardy and they haven’t been outside. I have been gradually acclimating the plants to spend the summer outside. I have kept the succulents in a sheltered location that does not receive full sun just yet. It’s a process. If there is going to be a cold snap, I will most likely bring the bowl inside.

If you want to branch out a little bit this season, try planting a succulent bowl. Less water and less maintenance.