Hello, my name is Nikki Wilson (was Koloff)  and I am La Jardinera (La har-dee-nair-ah). What exactly is “La Jardinera?” La Jardinera is the Spanish word for “the female gardener.” That is what I am: an organic gardener with an insatiable appetite for all things horticulture and garden design.

I have been gardening and landscaping  in Durango, CO since 2007 and I received my  Master Gardener certificate in 2009. My schedule for landscape maintenance, garden consultation and design is full for the 2018 growing season. I am also growing cut flowers at Red Tail Gardens in the Hermosa Valley. Work and life is abundant! If you still need to be in touch, you can contact me by phone, email, or leave me a message on this website with your information. Thanks and “¡que te vaya bien!”


Let’s Chat! (970) 764-0597