“We have been very fortunate to have Nikki design, create, and help maintain several different garden spaces on our property over the last few years, and we cannot recommend her highly enough! Nikki is knowledgeable, skilled, creative to the point of being artistic, and incredibly hard-working. Add to those qualities her great energy, clear communication, and high integrity and you have a master gardener!”

~Steve Bach and Betsy Kimmick

“My Irises are blooming for the first time since we moved here! Thank you so much for your expert gardening!”

~David Williams

“I traveled to Indonesia twice last summer, plus visits to Minnesota and Arizona  so I was away for over 2 months from a new garden I had built.  I invested a lot of time and money getting the garden set up and was really worried about leaving it.  Nikki was the best ‘garden sitter’ a person could hope for.  When I left with Nikki in charge, I had no worries…she is extremely knowledgeable, reliable and also a very hard worker.   She exceeded my expectations in so many ways.  It’s obvious Nikki is at home in a garden…anyone’s garden!   Thank you soooo much Nikki…I would not have been able to do the volunteer work oversees that I did without worrying about my garden if it wasn’t for you.”

~Tonya Ensign 2013

“Okay, this is seriously the cutest presentation of a landscaping plan that we’ve ever received!  It’s a great idea because it allows one to “see” how it’s going to look in place!  So much easier for owners than showing on a site plan.  Thank you for the submittal and everything in here has been approved.”

~Beverly Lawrence

Edgemont Highlands Architectural Review Committee

Thank you notes 🙂

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